Lakeshore Dental Clinic



Implementation of the Canadian federal government’s tax-payer-funded dental program has begun.  After extensive review, I have decided to participate in the program and we have begun utilizing the program for our existing patients.

Existing patients are encouraged to provide us a copy of their CDCP card along with the “Benefit Effective Date” at your earliest opportunity so that we can prepare estimates for submission as soon as possible. 

As I am sure you are aware, this program was announced with little, if any, consultation with the dental professionals who provide these services.  We are continuing to monitor discussions surrounding the program.  One major concern for patients and providers, is the low limit for scaling (cleaning) – 4 time units per year – which is not sufficient to provide most adults with essential, preventative care.   

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we endeavor to provide a smooth execution of this evolving program.  Please check back here for any updates or call our office with any questions or concerns.


Dr. Spencer Chapman